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György Molnár Lyra-winning accordion artist and his Concert Orchestra


My whole story started in 1978 when I was born.

My family was fond of music, although none of them was a professional instrumentalist. However, my mother played the piano rather well, my grandmother sang in a choir as a coloratura soprano and  my grandfather played the accordion rather well… the latter  became my destiny. I had always been a vivid child, but when my grandfather put on his accordion and started to play, I was  listening to him playing motionless not to break the spell.  These times I felt as if place and time had ceased to exist. . These special occasions aroused  my interest in  the instrument, although at that time I had no plans for playing the accordion in the future. [ more ]


Each of the prizes he has won are extremely valuable for him, but the 3 of them below are of special importance:

  • 1st Prize for Soloist of the Year, 1999
  • 1st Prize, Audience Award, Soloist of the Year in 1999
  • International Lyra Prize,  2002  [ more ]
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